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British Columbia bans mandatory high heels in the workplace

VANCOUVER — Employers are no longer allowed to require their employees to wear high heels in the workplace in British Columbia. The provincial government has amended the existing footwear regulation of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. The

Famoso celebrates a decade in business with 30th location

VANCOUVER — Famoso Inc. is celebrating its 10th anniversary by opening its 30th location and expanding upon a new format for the brand. In May of 2007, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria opened its first location in Edmonton. “We had a tiny restaurant with a

Twigg’s expansion is a family affair

NORTH BAY, Ont. — As Twigg’s Coffee Roasters began to expand its presence throughout Northern Ontario, founder Jennifer Twigg didn’t have to look far for help with tackling new growth. With three locations in North Bay , and another in Sturgeon Fall

Yorkdale's food options evolve with The Cheesecake Factory and CONCEPT

TORONTO — Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s food options continue to evolve with the addition of The Cheesecake Factory and CONCEPT; a new pop-up style store with revolving food options. The Cheesecake Factory announced plans to open its first Canadian locat

Oretta: an art deco interpretation of Italian beauty

TORONTO — Restaurateur Salvatore Mele is taking his first step out of Midtown Toronto with the opening of Oretta. Joining Capocaccia Trattoria and Quanto Basta in the Mele Group’s restaurant roster, Oretta opened in a new condo development at 633 King

Simcoe County restaurants remove straws from their menus

BARRIE, Ont. — After answering a temporary call to remove plastic straws from their menus, several Simcoe County restaurants will continue with the practice. Don Kellett, owner of Donaleigh’s Irish Public House in Barrie, Ont., noticed a similar chall

One brewer’s trash is a brewing student’s nutrient rich treasure

OLDS, Alta. — In his first week enrolled in Olds College’s Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Program, Alex Villeneuve saw opportunity in what’s normally considered a byproduct of beer. Although useless to brewers, the high fibre grain was an ideal s

Harvey’s tweaks menu to help target growth

CONCORD, Ont. – With a new design and new menu items under its belt, Harvey’s plans to open more than 20 units in 2017. Billing itself as the “original fast casual,” Harvey’s is building on customized burgers with the addition of a build-a-bowl

Tim Hortons opened an undercover latte shop

TORONTO —A boutique coffee shop pop up has been revealed as a clever marketing strategy to help Tim Hortons release a new beverage. On April 5, Perfectly Uncomplicated Lattes opened on Queen Street West near Bathurst Street in Toronto. The coffee shop o

Calgary eateries face new food waste regulations

CALGARY — As of Nov. 1, foodservice operations in Calgary will be required to separate food and yard waste from the garbage for diversion from landfills. The bylaw is part of the city’s waste reduction strategy, which tackled paper and cardboard recyc

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