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Chen's Noodle House

Chen's Noodle House

-The only Chinese noodle restaurant with pure mutton soup as a raw material in AZ.
Chen's Noodle House is located near TEMPE University. It is the only rice noodle restaurant with pure mutton soup as a raw material in AZ.

Compared with other noodle restaurants, the Chen's Noodle House not only provides noodles but also provides handmade rice noodles that it is very popular in China.


Chen’s Noodle House 川扬面馆
1043 E Lemon St, Tempe, AZ 85281

Rice noodles, a Chinese specialty snack, is a popular food in southern China. Rice flour is a strip-shaped or silk-like rice product made from rice, which is made by soaking, cooking and beading, and is not a powdery material which is made by grinding with rice as a raw material. The rice noodles are flexible and elastic, boiled without boiling soup, dry and fry, not easy to break, with a variety of dishes or soup to cook or stir-fry, smooth and delicious. It is almost impossible to find in other countries outside China. In foreign countries, there are also foods called rice noodles, but most of them are powdery, rather than strips, noodles, etc. like China. It can be said that rice noodles reflect the profoundness of Chinese cuisine, and are not willing to be a form of delicious, but the pursuit of diversity.

The owner of Mr. Chen told us that he had previously worked in the catering industry on the mainland and had a certain understanding and understanding of Sichuan, Su, and Zhejiang cuisines among the eight major Chinese cuisines. In addition, his family is engaged in the specialty mutton powder catering industry in Guizhou, Guangxi, China. It is well received and praised by the public for its unique flavor and good reputation. At the same time, Mr. Chen wanted to bring family-style cuisine and his knowledge and understanding of cuisine to the United States. Let more foreigners know and taste the special cuisine culture of China. The reason why Mr. Chen chose to open the restaurant in TEMPE University .Mr. Chen also wants to meet the needs of some overseas students. Let them taste the familiar hometown taste in the United States.

The restaurant is mainly a traditional Chinese cuisine based on Sichuan and Jiangsu cuisine, rice noodles and noodles, and barbecue. The main dishes are Special braised pork with brown sauce, Braised Pig Knuckle in Brown Sauce, Soup noodle with Fish and Shrimp(sour & spicy).

 In particular, Miaojia sour soup fish and shrimp is a famous Miao nationality dish in the border area of Guizhou and Guangxi, among which Miaojia sour soup fish is the most famous. According to the research, this dish originated from the tooth double belt in Leidong Town, Liping County. The raw materials are mainly fish or shrimp, special sour soup, and mountain scorpion. After becoming a dish, it is slightly sour, fragrant, refreshing and refreshing. It is one of the masterpieces of Qian cuisine, Guizhou. The biggest feature of this dish is the special sour soup, which is made from the sour taste and medicinal materials fermented by fresh tomatoes for more than three hours. It has the effect of appetizing and strengthening the spleen. After that, the live fish or shrimp will be removed the internal organs and boiled in sour soup.

Soft fire makes sweet malt, in order to ensure the essence and original flavor of the soup base, rice noodle and noodle soup are made from fresh mutton bones for more than five hours a day, with less oil and less salt, and no MSG or any preservative added. The secret braised pork should be simmered for more than four hours. The tasted is fat but not greasy, soft and sweet, Fresh, delicious and healthy.

 Mr. Chen has very strict control over the internal hygiene of the restaurant. Every day, special staff will be arranged to start cleaning and cleaning half an hour before business, and different staff will be responsible for the cleaning in different areas.

 Fresh and healthy ingredients are a core element of a good reputation in a restaurant. Mr. Chen told us that the restaurant purchases the freshest ingredients every day through the local formal purchase channels. Vegetables are also organic and fresh vegetables without pesticides.

In terms of managing employees, Mr. Chen who has worked in the past, can fully consider the needs of employees and compare them. Mr. Chen has set up a bonus system for employees and publicly announced the revenue of the restaurant every day so that employees can truly understand the operation of the restaurant. If the specified turnover is reached, the restaurant will distribute the corresponding bonus awards to the employees.


With its business philosophy of “integrating Chinese traditional characteristics and promoting authentic food culture”, Chen's Noodle House is very popular and loved by local customers.



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