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Best Dishes Comes from Best Service

Best Dishes Comes from Best Service

- Visiting the well-known Shanghai restaurant “Tri Dim Shanghai 鼎豐” in New York


 Tri Dim Shanghai 鼎豐
1378 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10075

Tri Dim Shanghai is a distinctive Chinese food restaurant serving authentic Shanghai dishes, Jiangsu and Zhejiang dishes, and classic Sichuan dishes. The cuisine has both the light and diverse taste features of Shanghai and the various food material and dressings features of Sichuan.

The restaurant is located in a busy area along the main street in New York. It has an elegant and aristocratic atmosphere, decorated with Chinese elements like bamboo, murals, and Terror-cotta warriors. The modern interior decor and exquisite bar counter in the hall also shows a sense of fashion.

Considering the elegant and comfortable environment, and the hospitable and customized service, Tri Dim Shanghai is by no means the best place to invite people over for the best dinner.Having different customers’ preference in mind, the restaurant offers not only authentic Shanghai dishes but also classic Sichuan dishes.

The most special dishes of Shanghai cuisine are stewed meatball in brown sauce, Braised Pork DongPo Style, pork with preserved vegetable, Red Cooked Short Ribs in Hang Chow Style, salty ham with bamboo shoot soup, steamed mandarin fish, etc. There are over two dozen kinds of dim sum: baked scallion pancake, steamed dumpling, Shanghai spring roll, dumpling with chili oil, etc. The special dish stewed meatball in brown sauce is very popular here, offering a tender and juicy taste. The meat is composed of 70% lean and 30% fat. Dice it into the size of rice to ensure the juicy taste. Fry the diced meat, then deep stew it with a casserole until you are surrounded by the meaty smell. 


There are Sichuan style twice-cooked pork slices, sliced beef in hot chili oil, shredded beef with mini pepper and other options in classic Sichuan dishes. The dishes are cooked in traditional methods, offering an authentic flavor. They are tasty and healthy, with low calorie, no MSG, as well as a little salt and oil. It is consistent with the healthy food standards and requirements.


Tri Dim Shanghai is different from other restaurants. It offers different kinds of main course and vegetable plates for customers to choose and decide. Customers can choose different cooking methods and different flavor, asking for different dressings they like. You will have a very special dining experience in Tri Dim Shanghai.


Mr. Shen, the owner, said, “Tri Dim Shanghai has the most hospitable, considerate and customized dining service.” He and his business partner have the very strict management of the service and food quality. Every day before the opening hour, the manager would hold a meeting to arrange tasks or training to the staff, give instructions regarding even the preparation of daily food material, and clean of the restaurant and kitchen, etc. With the strict quality control, the restaurant provides the healthiest food to the customer. The restaurant chooses reliable local suppliers to deliver meat and fresh organic vegetables directly to the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant would collect feedback and thoughts from customers every now and then, checking online customer reviews about the dishes and service, and then make improvement accordingly.  

 Since its opening in November 2016, Tri Dim Shanghai has been practicing the business idea “best dishes come from best service” “spread the Chinese food culture” over the past two years. Now, it has become a well-received brand among local people. Every dish of Tri Dim Shanghai is created with the inheritance of authentic Shanghai cuisine, Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, with innovative element added inside. Tri Dim Shanghai will always endeavor to meet the different demands of different customers.



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