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Refresh the sensitivity of the taste buds, explore innovative cuisine culture

Refresh the sensitivity of the taste buds, explore innovative cuisine culture

- Visiting the special and authentic Chinese restaurant ‘General Tso Kitchen’ in San Francisco

General Tso Kitchen 外婆桥
3741 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 668-5888

General Tso Kitchen, located in Gear Blvd, San Francisco, USA, specializes in a traditional Chinese restaurant with traditional Sichuan and Hubei cuisine. Since its opening in June 2017, the business has been very booming and bustling. With its unique taste, authentic dishes are highly praised by the local people.


Passing through Geary Blvd, the restaurant's red logo is striking, but there is no glitz and it looks natural and gracious. The spacious and bright dining environment, comfortable seats, clean and neat, the restaurant is extraordinarily warm and elegant. 

The restaurant is co-operating with the local cleaning company for the cleaning. Including the daily cleaning of the restaurant, the replacement or cleaning of the kitchen equipment, the disinfection of the dishwasher are very detailed careful and so on. During the latest inspection of the restaurant’s cleaning, General Tso Kitchen have received a good score of 96 points with clean and tidy and cleanly kitchen.



Ms. Cao who is the restaurant’s owner has mentioned that “To manage a restaurant brand, the restaurant’s cuisine and quality service are very important and inseparable.”Regarding the service of the restaurant, whether it is from carrying a tray, ordering, serving and communicating with customers. Ms. Cao invited a professional staff who is come from a Japanese restaurant chain train her employees very professionally. The waiters are well-trained, smiling and welcoming. Careful to one eye, you will come to your side in an instant, and kindly ask you what you need to serve, very thoughtful.


Regarding the dishes in the restaurant, General Tso Kitchen hides all the secrets about delicious food. All the ingredients of dishes are carefully selected and prepared. They are delicious and nutritious. Each dish has a unique style, a taste and vision of a double feast with taste.The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes, and the restaurant's signature dishes are: Spicy catfish Hot Pot, Spicy Sour Beef with Needle Mushroom, Griddle Cooked cauliflower, Hot and Spicy shrimp, General Tso Chicken, authentic and special Wuhan style necks series are very popular.


Spicy catfish Hot Pot is very popular and tastes delicious. Choose the fresh catfish, kill the cut into pieces and put in the secret seasoning and marinate for fried. After setting the plate, put the dried chili and fresh pepper, pour the hot oil and continue to heat in the gas oven. The catfish are enough-quality and without fishbone, and the spicy and sweet taste can also cover up the fishy smell of the catfish itself, without loss of fat and soft taste.



The taste of the Spicy Sour Beef with Needle Mushroom is also absolutely first-class, and you would want to eat more once you've had it. Even the regular customers will drive for one to two hours, just to taste this cuisine. This dish uses American local pickled peppers, and the chef's choice of pepper and fresh peppers for cooking. It is very appetizing for sour and refreshing with a little biting. The sour and spicy soup, the tender meat of the beef, let the tip of the tongue and taste buds be shocked.


The authentic Wuhan Jingwu duck neck series is also very popular. The unique secret recipe is made from more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines and then refined through air drying and baking. The final finished food is dark red, with aroma and spicy, sweet, soft, salty, crisp, biting and other characteristics, without any additives, delicious nourishing. It’s hard to taste such an authentic Wuhan Jingwu duck neck in the United States.


General Tso Chicken which is the must-order cuisine for 80% foreign customers, the color of the oil is lustrous, the garlic is fragrant, the taste is tender, the salty, sweet and sour is a delicious dish of the restaurant.


Refresh the sensitivity of the taste buds, explore innovative cuisine culture, improve the level of catering services, and create a healthy cuisine brand. For a long time, General Tso Kitchen has been constantly innovating food, so that guests can taste different Chinese flavors.


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