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Spicy, fresh and delicious, Boiled and Grilled with fish sauce

Spicy, fresh and delicious, Boiled and Grilled with fish sauce


Visiting the special Sichuan cuisine restaurant ‘CBI Kitchen’


CBI Kitchen  沸腾鱼乡
290 Barber Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 955-9588


There is a Sichuan cuisine restaurant known as "fish", which is CBI Kitchen in Milpitas, CA. The restaurant’s boiled whole fish and specialty grilled fish are very popular and favored by local customers.


The design of the restaurant is a modern Chinese style that evolved from the traditional Chinese style. The background color of the restaurant is mainly Chinese red, the background wall uses calligraphy characters and the ceramic art placed on the surrounding shelves. It shows the profound and modern artistic atmosphere of Chinese culture. The restaurant is elegant while giving a comfortable and relaxing dining environment. The restaurant's service is customer-oriented, and the proactive and attentive service makes customers feel at home.


The characteristics of the grilled fish are exquisite in CBI kitchen. The selected fish are all the freshest and most plump fish. Before these fish are made into food, they are guaranteed to be fresh. Only in this way can cook the most delicious cuisine. The most attractive to customers is the special method of grilled fish. The cooking method of grilled fish is based on the ancestral secret recipe, and the seasoning technique is exquisite. After mixing, cooking, roasting and stewing, the meat is fresh and delicious and the taste is excellent. Fish nutrition is not lost. It has spicy, soy sauce, slightly spicy, non-spicy and other flavors. The taste is not heavy, the soup is red and bright, the outside is tender and soft, the color is enticing, the aroma is tangy, and the taste is endless and unforgettable.



Fish fillet with bean sprouts and clear noodles pot is also very popular. Compare with others, there are many choices for fish in CBI Kitchen. Such as Sole fish, Salmon, grouper, crucian, and provide a variety of choices for diners who love different tastes. At the same time, the selection of materials is also very fresh. The bottom of the boiled fish soup is made of chicken bones. The meat tastes smooth and tender and the oil is not greasy. The full-flavored pepper is bright, spicy and not dry, but not bitter. Finally, mix some fresh vegetables: cucumber, bean sprouts, greens and so on. Let customers eat healthily. Contains complex flavor essence, pays attention to the taste and takes into account the proportion of nutrients to meet the different tastes of customers.



Say sauce pork stew with chestnuts, the braised pork has been very soft and rotten, sandwiched between thin layers of fat which is probably called "slim and fat"! With a sweet and soft chestnut, the aroma comes out, it is classic and delicious.


Stir Fried Frog, it can experience the mindful dish from the chef while eating with beautiful color, aroma and goods taste. The meat of bullfrog is tender and firm with elasticity, spicy and homely taste, bright and red in color, spicy and hot in taste, thick in taste, slightly sweet in taste and appetizing in the meal. Its nutritional value is composed, invigorating, nourishing and detoxifying. It is served with bamboo shoots and mushrooms and chicken bones at the base of the soup. To cater to the taste of the public, the restaurant can provide different degrees of hotness according to the degree of spicy taste.



Mr. Yang is one of the chefs of the restaurant and has 20 years of rich experience in Sichuan chefs. The success of the restaurant is inseparable from the owner Mr. Yang’s daily procurement of the restaurant, strict control of cooking methods and humanized management of the employees. Mr. Yang treats all employees equally. Every day before the restaurant is opened, it will organize early morning assignments to assign daily tasks and assign each work task to the corresponding person in charge. Every week, the restaurant will have a summary meeting to summarize the work of the week. For the employees who perform well, Mr. Yang will send gifts or bonuses to encourage the employees.



The owner, Mr. Yang hopes to introduce the deeper cultural heritage and distinctive signs of Sichuan cuisine into the prosperous that diners in the region can find the origin of the flavor of Sichuan cuisine. Chinese cuisine culture is extensive and profound, but it cannot be simply stated. To explore the cultural background behind cuisine is what CBI Kitchen needs to adhere to now and also what it needs to insist in the future.



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