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Carry forward Chinese dim sum culture, inherit classic Hong Kong cuisine

Carry forward Chinese dim sum culture, inherit classic Hong Kong cuisine


Visiting the authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum restaurant ‘Dim Sum Bistro’ in San Francisco


Dim Sum Bistro蒸点小馆
675 Broadway St, San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 788-7028


There is a very popular authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum restaurant named as Dim Sum Bistro on Broadway Street in San Francisco. On a busy morning or a leisurely afternoon, locals walking on Broadway will come to Dim Sum Bistro to taste authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum.


Dim Sum Bistro mainly operates Cantonese and Hong Kong-style dim sum, Hong Kong-style wonton, special steamed rice, porridge, rice noodles, noodles, dumplings and restaurants with more than 58 kinds of unique authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum. It is characterized by exquisite materials, various varieties, novel styles, fresh and varied tastes, fine production, both salty and sweet, and can adapt to the needs of the four seasons and all parties.


Chinese cooking has a long history with exquisite cooking skilled. Cooking methods include boiling, steaming, baking, braising, roasting, frying, stir-frying, stewing and so on. China is the first country to use steam cooking in the world and it runs through the entire Chinese farming civilization. Steaming is a type of cooking method, which refers to the process of placing the seasoned food material in a vessel and then placing it in a steamer to make it mature by steam.


The restaurant's special steamed rice series is also very popular. The restaurant features steamed rice: steamed pork ribs w/rice, steamed Chinese sausage w/rice, steamed chicken w/rice. The inside and outside juices of steamed rice and food ingredients do not evaporate in large quantities like other heating methods and the umami substances are kept in the dishes without damage to the nutrients and the aroma is not lost. The steamed food contains much less oil and is very healthy.



The specialty steamed shrimp Siu Mai is a must-have snack for local diners. It is a traditional snack steamed with steamed noodles. It is shaped like a pomegranate, white and crystal clear, and the filling is thin and fragrant. It is accompanied by a special secret sauce, which is rich in nutrients, soft in flesh and easy to digest. It is an excellent food for health.



Steamed BBQ Pork Bun is also popular among people. Dim Sum Bistro uses the finest pork shoulder butt for special curing and then makes char siu. The meat is soft and juicy, with bright color and aroma. Although it is sweet, the sweetness and hand-made special sauce are just right together, sweet but not greasy, fat but not oily, the proportion of sweetness is moderate, but it has the most delicious meat taste, and people eat It’s hard to stop and it’s getting more and more delicious. Steamed BBQ Pork Bun is fermented by hand-baked flour, and the delicate and soft dough wraps the delicious char siu. Both of them can be used to maximize the delicious taste of the other ingredients, which makes people never feel tired and have the endless aftertaste.


The Hong Kong-style shrimp wonton noodle in Dim Sum Bistro is also very particular about, the wonton stuffing is mainly shrimp, not only crispy but also refreshing and juicy. Wonton skins and noodles are made by adding duck eggs to flour. Noodles are generally used in Hong Kong Style ramen. Hong Kong-style ramen noodles "crisp and elastic, full of toughness."With a bowl of clear soup made of free-range chicken or pork bone for a long time. The process is simple and the layers are distinct. It has achieved the status of Hong Kong-style fresh shrimp and wonton noodles for many years.


In order to provide the freshest and best quality ingredients, all the ingredients are purchased strictly controlled by the owner, Mr. Huang. To ensure healthy dishes and snacks, the restaurant advocates not using MSG, less oil and less salt.


In terms of service, Mr. Huang and his wife adhere to the belief of customer first and service excellence, treat each other with kindness, courtesy and thoughtfulness, and make every effort to make customers feel at home.


Since its opening two years ago, Dim Sum Bistro has been innovating at the same time as the classic heritage of Hong Kong. It has been pursuing a nutritious and healthy diet and keeping the original cooking style of the ingredients, which is favored and loved by local customers.


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