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Inheriting traditional “Dongpo” cuisine, show the authentic Sichuan cuisine essence

Inheriting traditional “Dongpo” cuisine, show the authentic Sichuan cuisine essence

Visiting the authentic Sichuan cuisine restaurant ‘Dongpo Impression’ in Chicago


Dongpo Impression东坡印象
228 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 842-7818


Dongpo Impression is located in the heart of Chicago's Chinatown, named after the Chinese Song Dynasty gourmet Su Dongpo. The main specialty is authentic Sichuan cuisine, street food and snacks. The traditional “Dongpo” dishes are the signature dishes of the restaurant. The restaurant has won praises from local customers for its beautiful and comfortable environment, exquisite dishes and excellent service.


In the creation of the dining environment, the restaurant uses Su Dongpo poetry and future buildings as the theme of decoration, blending Chinese elements and history and reappearing the Sichuan sentiment and flavor.


In the cooking of the dishes, the restaurant highlights the characteristics of Sichuan cuisine, fresh and mellow, spicy and spice, for every dish, there ought to be a unique style, for a hundred dishes, there ought to be a hundred flavors. Widely used, seasoning is varied, a variety of dishes, tastes fresh and mellow and heavy, to make good use of spicy seasoning chili and pepper. Using traditional and modern Sichuan-style cooking techniques, the most authentic and original condiments shipped from Sichuan, China.



The essence of Sichuan cuisine, street style assorted skewers soaked in aromatic red chili broth, known as CHUAN CHUAN XIANG.It first appeared in the mid-1980s. However, it is slightly different. The restaurant cuts various vegetables and meat into irregular shapes, and then puts these dishes into a string with a good bamboo stick, and puts it into a specially formulated pot to cook. Finally, it can be eaten with the secrets of the special sauces, which is very popular among locals.


Numbing Beef Tender Tofu is the most famous representative dish in the restaurant. Tofu pudding (also known as Jellied Tofu) is a traditional Chinese snack. It is a Chinese food formed by the solidification of soybean milk. It is softer than tofu and is suitable for all ages food. Different places with the different eating method that is divided into two types, sweet and salty. Put the secreted marinated beef together for cooking and the spicy and tender with the fresh tofu pudding, nutritious and delicious, smooth and refreshing.



Su Dongpo is a gourmet in the Song Dynasty of China.  He has written more than 400 poems about food in his life. His pen and ink shuttled back and forth between the small dining table and the poetry, leaving the "Dongpo" dishes handed down from generation to generation. “Dongpo” dishes are the main features of the restaurant. Famous Dongpo Pork, Home Style Tilapia, and Dongpo Pork Elbow are the traditional and famous dishes of the restaurant.


Famous Dongpo Pork uses half-fat and half-slim pork and is cut into square-shaped pork of about two inches. The finished dishes are all neatly arranged, the skin is tender and soft, the color is red and bright, the taste is mellow, the succulent shape is not broken, the fragrant scent is not greasy.


Dongpo Pork Elbow has the characteristics of fat but not greasy, soft and tender meat with the finest color, fragrance, taste and shape. Dongpo elbow soup is milky white, snow bean powder is white, soft and palatable, original flavor, aroma overflowing.

Home Style Tilapia is a traditional dish with perfect color, aroma and taste. Use a knife to draw five knives on both sides of the fish ribs, then boil in a boiling water pot. When cooking, add ginger, scallion, orange peel, etc. in the pot. The fish soup is white and the fish meat is tender. When eating fish can dip in soybean sauce, soup is especially delicious.



The owner, Mr. Hu, aims to be the most authentic and best-tasting Sichuan cuisine. He has conducted in-depth excavation research on various schools of Sichuan cuisine, culinary research, carefully selecting raw materials, improving the quality of dishes, and creating many unique dishes. In order to let customers not only taste delicious food but also understand the profoundness of Sichuan cuisine culture.



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