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Diners Feeling at Home, While Relishing Cantonese Dim Sum at New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Diners Feeling at Home, While Relishing Cantonese Dim Sum at New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

An Interview with New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant, a Well-known Cantonese Dim Sum and Seafood Restaurant in Texas


New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant 翠亨邨海鲜酒楼
(512) 832-9992
10901 N Lamar Blvd Ste A-1, Austin, TX 78753


Located in Austin, Texas, New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant is one of the local Chinese restaurants offering the greatest varieties of Cantonese Dim Sum with the most authentic flavors. The restaurant primarily serves Cantonese dishes, seafood, Cantonese Dim Sum and Hunan cuisine. With an area of nearly 12,000 square meters, the restaurant can accommodate 490 guests. It is a great place for holding business banquets, leisure and relaxation, large dinner parties, friend get-togethers and friend reunions. The top-quality and family-like service, beautiful and refined dining environment, and premium and frequently-updated dishes have made the restaurant a highly-regarded and broadly loved the place for both Chinese and American guests.



Starting Business

In 1996, Mr. Liu, the founder of New Fortune, came to the US to pursue an education. After graduation, he got employed at the local place and started to work part-time jobs in restaurants during weekends, which enabled him to gain a great wealth of experience in restaurant management. In the meantime, William Wong, a master chef of Cantonese cuisine and Dim Sum and now the co-founder of New Fortune, came to the US in 1984 and soon became a friend of Mr. Liu while working in the Dim Sum business. In 1985 he returned to Hong Kong to refine his prowess in Dim Sum making. While Mr. Liu is in charge of management, William acts as the chef in chief. The concerted effort and tacit cooperation between the co-founders of New Fortune have been the secret behind the restaurant’s huge success.



Most Chinese people believe the auspicious things, which are also a characteristic element for the decorative style of Mr. Liu’s restaurant. In traditional Chinese beliefs, both dragon and phoenix are auspicious beings which represent good fortune and also the insignia, emblem, totem and symbol of the whole Chinese nation. The dining hall of the restaurant is themed in a red background decorated with auspicious patterns featuring golden rilievo of dragon and phoenix, as well as the “double happiness” character, conveying a typical Chinese-style jubilant vibe. The brilliant crystal chandelier, luxurious floral pattern carpet, and a collection of carefully-arranged, variously colored porcelain teapots are all manifesting a touch of eastern culture in the place. Many Chinese Americans consider it a privilege to hold banquets here, as the place always evokes a sense of intimacy and an emotion of returning home in a foreign land. Foreigners who have a taste for Chinese-style weddings also choose the location as their reception venue where their craving in a traditional Chinese-style wedding banquet can be immensely satisfied.




New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant offers authentic Cantonese cuisine ranging from classic and tasty Cantonese Dim Sum to heart- and stomach-warming Cantonese delicacies to local food lovers and connoisseurs. The menu of traditional Dim Sum includes hundreds of classic varieties and a broad range of snack specialties popular in Hong Kong and Guangdong, including the highly welcomed Siu Mai, egg tart, crystal shrimp dumplings, Shanghai Soup Dumpling (aka the steamed Dim Sum). Authentic signature dishes offered by the restaurant include salt & pepper shrimp, cod fish fort, Peking style Pork Ribs or Pork Chop, roasted squabs, and braised pork with preserved vegetable, bringing guests an abundant dining experience.



Inside the restaurant is a Dim Sum booth offering different kinds of snacks where customers can pick up their food anytime without having to wait in a queue. In the meantime, mobile Dim Sum serving carts roaming around the dining space allow guests to select what they love at will. The restaurant offers a seasonal and festive Dim Sun whenever a traditional Chinese festival arrives, such as cake and moon cakes in different verities and flavors for the Mid-autumn Festival, rice cake for Spring Festival, and rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival. Guests of New Fortune could always have a bite of their hometown flavors despite living in a foreign land.



Under Mr. Liu’s leadership, all staffers of New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant make it the foremost task in restaurant operations to bring good service to customers. Well-trained waiters and waitresses would warmly and proactively greet guests, recommend them the best dishes based on their preferences, and provide prompt feedback with respect to the actual needs and comments from guests to the team of chefs, so as to ensure 100% satisfaction from guests. Treating guests like families and allowing every one of them to “feel at home” when dining at the restaurant has always been a concept upheld by the restaurant in their services.



Apart from the great food, it is imperative for a restaurant to provide a human touch in order to attract talents, as it is an essential ingredient in cultivating a trusting and dependable relationship among people. Job hopping is a rare phenomenon in New Fortune, and nearly all employees are veterans since the establishment of the restaurant by Mr. Liu. Apart from sharing meals and engaging them in conversations, Mr. Liu also places great emphasis on understanding and respect shown to his employees, who are always treated as family members in the workplace.


To ensure the privacy and sufficient rest hours of employees, Mr. Liu takes great effort in scheduling work shifts for waiting staff and chefs two weeks in advance to let employees know their particular work hours and stagger holidays. Those who have urgent matters to attend to may inform Mr. Liu in advance so that he can make work adjustments accordingly. The restaurant also offers a bonus for high performers every three months both as a compensation and a gratitude for their service.


“What is the most valuable asset for a restaurant? It is not magnificent chandeliers, or costly furniture and dining sets, but a great employee team! To ensure employee, an appropriate amount of salary and genuine respect are not enough, you also need to appeal them with positiveness and optimism, and give them a sense of security. This is the biggest secret behind New Fortune’s success”, says Mr. Liu, the owner of the restaurant.



Living in a foreign land does not necessarily mean that you would end up being an outsider. People who manage to fit in while still preserve their integrity and honesty can also achieve success and get accepted and recognized by others. In addition to its emphasis on superb quality of offerings, New Fortune is also a restaurant behind an array of local charitable causes. By engaging in benefaction like donating money and food for the needed, a restaurant can earn more incredible reputation among the locals than offering discounts.


Jade Restaurant, the second restaurant launched by Mr. Liu, was officially open for business in May 2017. Over the past year, the restaurant has gained huge popularity and fame among local diners thanks to the fresh seafood, authentic Cantonese Dim Sum and a broad selection of beer and dessert specialties it offers.


Looking at the future, Mr. Liu told us that both New Fortune and Jade Restaurant would continue to uphold the principle of “guests first and service foremost”, promote the culture of Cantonese-style cuisine by constantly refining restaurant management and service, so as to allow more friends from across the world to savor the pleasantness that traditional Cantonese dishes ignite at their taste buds.





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